Colleges and Universities Offering Life Experience Degrees

What colleges and universities offer Life Experience Degrees?

When you Google “Life Experience Degrees” your results might turn up dozens of universities and hundreds of landing pages. Many of these universities are conglomerations and part of other foreign companies. There are only a handful of companies that offer Life Experience Degrees on large scale basis:


Almeda University Group includes:
Almeda University
Almeda International University


Centers College Group Includes
Center’s College


Concordia Group Includes
Concordia College & University


Graham State Group Includes
Graham State University


Organization for Global Learning Education Group Includes

Ashwood University Belford University Belford High School
Cambell University Campile university Corllins University
Headway University Hill University Lorenz University
Lydon State University McFord University McGraw University
Must University Northern Port University Panworld University
Rochville University Rise University Rochville High School
Western Advanced Central University Western Valley Central University Wilson State University
Woodfield University Woodfield High School  

Suffield Group Includes
Suffield University
Glendale University
Redding University


Where are these Schools Located?

Almeda University Group
Operates from USA


Centers College Group
Operates from USA


Concordia Group
Operates from Dominican Republic


Graham State Group
Operates from United Kingdom


Organization for Global Learning Education Group
Operates from Pakistan

Suffield Group
Operates from USA


How Long Have These Schools Been in Business?

Almeda University Group
Since 1997


Centers College Group
Since 2007


Concordia Group
Since 2002


Graham State Group
Since 2001


Organization for Global Learning Education (OGLE) Group
Since 2003 but some of its cloned schools are as recent as 2012


Suffield Group
Since 2005


What School is Best? What do I really Need?

You really need to decide what you are looking for in Life Experience degree school. Here's some food for thought.

  1. You may have to explain to your employer that you actually took real online courses at the school. Make sure that the school you are getting your degree from actually offers real online courses. Not just pretend – but for real.
  2. Never trust online reviews – whether negative or positive. Most reviews you will read – negative and positive – are from competing schools. There is a huge online war between several schools creating negative publicity about their competitors and displaying positive information about themselves.  Instead, seek alumni forums where you can communicate with prior students of the school.
  3. Don't believe all the negativity. Most of it was put there by competition.
  4. Find a school that provides quick verifications for employment purposes. For my money, this is the most important aspect of determining which school is best. While all of the schools say they offer verifications, my experience has been that the USA-based schools put on much higher value on providing rapid employment verifications. Several of the non-USA-based schools require many phone calls and letters before they provide employment verifications.
  5. Do not get your degree from a blind site. Blind Internet sites such as Speedy Degrees do not tell you the name of the school. In the case of Speedy Degrees, they do not list the name of the school because it changes frequently. This could be a problem. Organization for Global Learning Education Group uses Speedy Degrees to send applications to any of its 21 schools based on their own internal formulas. Typically they will send your degree from the school that has the least number of applications for that week.


Last Tip

FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. As mentioned on the previous page, some of the schools actually have real processes by which they determine whether or not you are eligible for your degree. Typically these include the USA schools mentioned above (with the exception of Center’s College). If you are comfortable getting your degree by simply paying your money without any needing any credentials, then you can opt for one of the foreign schools (or Center’s College). The foreign schools - especially those operated by OGLE have no assessment criteria whatsoever (even though their website may state otherwise).

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